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Industry Leading & Community Driven.

Here at Island Auto Spas, we strive for the highest standard when it comes to vehicle detailing. Our professional team mixes industry experience with state of the art products and equipment to provide you with a masterful result; A spotlessly clean vehicle, inside and out.

Whether you're looking for dog hair removal, a quick polish, or a comprehensive interior and exterior detailing job, our team at Island Auto Spas has you covered.

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Protection And Maintainence

Your vehicle goes through a lot. Withstanding the sun, bird droppings, insects, acid rain, dirt, and rocks takes it's toll. We're here to help you protect your investment with the proper care it needs. Boosting the vehicle's longevity and keeping it looking like new.

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Commitment to Quality

We pride ourselves on providing quality services and meeting our customer's expectations in quality and care. Let us impress you with this dedication!

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Core Values

Our company is founded on values of integrity and quality that we can be proud of. These guiding principles shine through in everything we do for our clients, no matter the job.

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